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Fourth Trimester Studies: How To Support The Bond Through Pumping & Bottle Feeding

  • Breastfeed Atlanta 575 Boulevard Southeast #2A Atlanta, GA, 30312 United States (map)

As doulas and birth care workers, so much of our calling is centered around physical touch and emotional care... making it easy to overlook a very important subject that can be crucial to ensuring that the postpartum relationship starts off on the right path. What is it?

Pumping and bottle feeding.

With talk about suction, sterility and silicone, it can seem like a dry, unfeeling subject. But thorough knowledge about pumping and bottle feeding will strengthen the level of support you can offer your clients -- whether they are anxious about heading back to work, or simply need the freedom to get a break now and then. We all know how important it is for new (and even seasoned!) families to begin their new journey with feelings of confidence and security. By understanding the ins and outs of pumping and bottle feeding, you will be prepared to support your clients by instilling them with confidence.

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to...

Guide parents in selecting the best breast pump for their needs

Teach them about pump assembly, usage and cleaning

Help determine how and when to pump, and about proper milk storage

Educate families on best practices for bottle prep and bottle feeding


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