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I am a pediatric, prenatal, and family chiropractor and a birth and postpartum doula, whose passion is to work with families throughout preconception, pregnancy, childhood, and adulthood. 

healthy community: one family at a time

I  finished my undergraduate studies at the University of Georgia in Athens and post-graduate studies at Life University in Marietta, GA. I was introduced to chiropractic as a patient with my whole family and then started working as a Chiropractic Assistant for our family chiropractor, Dr. Jeff Davenport. Seeing how chiropractic can affect one's life naturally and embracing the body’s profound intrinsic ability toward healing and vitality, I chose chiropractic in order to serve others out of sense of love, purpose and abundance.

My practice focuses on individuals and their families over a lifetime: from newborns, children, adults, pregnant mommies, to grandparents. I am passionate about being able to provide gentle, effective, supportive care for women and their families as they approach the road to motherhood, which is why I am a Webster's Certified ICPA Chiropractor, as well as a DTI Certified birth and postpartum doula.

connection: meet me out and about

I am a founding team member of the Natural Minded Parents, an all-inclusive group of natural-minded parents who practice different aspects of natural, organic, gentle parenting and lifestyle practices. In addition, I teach several educational meetings and lead support groups as part of our regularly scheduled events.

I am a DTI Ambassador for the greater Atlanta area. Our Ambassador Program strives to connect DTI doulas in the local communities across the country. Only together, as community, can we build upon DTI’s foundation and continue to re-imagine the impact that doulas can make for families all over the world. DTI’s tribe is a collection of unique individuals who are all empowered to contribute, collaborate, and grow. The Ambassador Program will provide a structure for this to happen.

I love connecting within our community by participating in local natural parenting events, such as Great Cloth Diaper Change Marietta (last 3 years), Big Latch On Marietta (last 3 years), Community Connection with Atlanta Birth Center, Desserts and Doulas with Georgia Birth Network, local Babywearing International meetups, and more.

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Here's WHAT I DO IN MY free time

My schedule keeps me on my toes and juggling: being a small business owner, running a bustling chiropractic office, making handcrafted skincare products, and being involved in the natural parenting community. My free time is spent it with my family and friends, doing a lot of activities outside, and of course, yummy food.

Spending time with my husband and my 14 year old stepson.
Trying new foodie adventures with our friends.
Playing board games into the late hours.
Hiking beautiful trails all around the state.
Late-night dates with my girlfriends.
Doing yoga and breaking a sweat.
Enjoying massages and pedicures for pampering.
Spending time in the kitchen with my Mom.
Driving with the windows down and loud music on.
Cuddling with a book in the window with my kitties Lily & Storm (rain is a bonus!).



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