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What our awesome patients say...

Dr. Tijana is a wonderful, out-of-the-box chiropractor who customizes her care based on your need and not just a preferred method. She has provided professional, thorough, and EFFECTIVE care for our family of 5. Over 3+ years now, we each have had our complications, she dealt with us so patiently and has helped SO much! So thankful Dr. Tijana crossed our path!
— L.M., Marietta, GA
Dr. Tijana is wonderful! She is extremely knowledgeable and so encouraging with my over investigating 2 year old. Her ability to go with the flow and play of my little one won us all over! So thrilled to have her working with us as we build a better lifestyle for my son.
— H.G., Canton, GA
You can tell the passion she has for what she does! She is a phenomenal person and chiropractor who sincerely cares about her patients well being. She has been a huge help to keeping me comfortable through my pregnancy as well! Highly recommended!
— K.R., Scottdale, GA
I will never not recommend Dr. Tijana to the people I know. After suffering for nearly a month with spinal pain because of my transverse pregnancy, I went to her with some hesitation since the idea of being worked on when pregnant was more than slightly worrying. But after 3 weeks of work and attention, I am now moving without pain and it’s all thanks to Dr. Tijana, her knowledge and personal concern for how I’ve felt. If you’re in pain but nervous about receiving chiropractic care, set your mind at ease with Tijana.
— K.F., Marietta, GA
Dr. Tijana helped my pregnancy go as smoothly as possible with no complications and keep my body working at it’s optimum. When my baby was born, she was very thorough, checking all possible signs of subluxation and imbalances on my healthy and happy newborn. I can say with confidence that her Chiropractic care during and after pregnancy made a world of difference in how my baby has continued to develop.
— L.C., Cumming, GA
Dr. Tijana is the best. She’s personable and takes time to do whatever it takes to make you feel comfortable and you always leave feeling much better than you did when you got there. I never feel like she’s in a hurry, either!
— B.B., Marietta, GA
We switched to Dr. Tijana after multiple friends suggested her and we are so happy we did! When my midwife informed me at 8 months pregnant that our baby was OP, she was the first one I called. She really takes her time to help and you walk away knowing that she cares.
— M.S., Marietta, GA
Enjoyed meeting Dr. Tijana and the first visit made a great difference in my discomfort level and movement ability!
— R.M., Marietta, GA
You are such a blessing to families [in our community]!
— S.B., Marietta, GA
Feeling extra grateful for Dr. Tijana! Our family has benefited beyond words from our time with her! She is so so patient and loving towards our VERY active butt pinching, chair spinning, adventure seeking little girls! Dr.Tijana is also the most thorough chiropractor I have ever seen. She sees our whole family all together once a week and she never fails to address every issue we come in with! Basically we’re in love!
— E.F., Marietta, GA
Dr. Tijana spent quality time with me and is extremely knowledgeable. Her adjustments were very beneficial and she has great hands. No pain in the adjustments! I highly highly recommend her to everyone!
— A.F., Acworth, GA
I was totally out of whack until I started seeing Dr. T on a regular basis. My scoliosis is so much more under control now. She’s an amazingly talented person and I look forward to my visits with her because I ALWAYS leave in much better shape, physically and mentally!
— M.D., Marietta, GA
Dr. Tijana is the best! I highly recommend her for prenatal as well as pediatric chiropractic care! She helped some stomach and digestive upset Ashton developed over the last couple of days that made Mommy lose some much needed sleep!
— L.C., Cumming, GA

What our awesome doula clients say...

Thank you so much for being there. I honestly could not have done it without you. Thank you for your kind words and for just being a genuinely supportive, sincere friend to us. My husband is so grateful for you, too. He tells me over and over how helpful and amazing you were. Right down to tucking him in before leaving!
— P.B., Acworth, GA
I can’t quite explain to you how glad I am that I toughed it through all the initial [breastfeeding] stuff, because I really love nursing. It is something I can’t fully put into words, but I am so glad I am continuing this journey for a while. Thank you for all your support. I couldn’t have done this without you.
— A.W., Aiken, SC
After interviewing another doula, we feel that you are the best choice for our delivery day. Tijana was extremely supportive by helping my husband and I stay focused and centered during the birth of my son. son. I entered labor through Pitocin induction, which I had wanted to avoid. Instead of automatically giving up my plan of a natural birth, Tijana helped me to manage without an epidural. Her knowledge of natural pain management techniques and her endless encouragement were two major factors in helping me to reach my goal of birth with minimal intervention. My husband and I are eternally grateful for her support. Although the Pitocin made the entire experience much different than it would have been otherwise, I felt empowered and capable, thanks to Tijana’s help.
I cannot thank her enough for her incredible support during labor & delivery. There’s no doubt I would’ve gotten an epidural if I didn’t have the support I needed.
— J.K., Acworth, GA
I’m so glad Tijana was with us! She was really great!
She was incredibly emotionally and physically supportive and helped me stick to my birth plan.
— T.W., Dallas, GA

What our faithful customers say about our products...

We’ve been using HBN BugOff Mist for over a year and have absolutely loved it. Now that it’s Spring and the mosquitoes are finally out, I knew that I had to order ASAP. We don’t go on a single hike or outdoor adventure without it. It’s a natural product is not only effective but something I’m comfortable using with my three children. I highly recommend this product!
— P.B., Acworth, GA
My 18 month old son has eczema that really bothers him, to the point that it wakes him up at night. This cream has helped him tremendously. This picture shows the progress he had in only 1 day (2 applications). Thank you for making such a great, safe product!
— T.W., Dallas, GA
You know how in My Big Fat Greek Wedding everyone keeps saying, “Put some Windex on it?!”
I’m like that with The Booty Salve. Red bottom? Dry patch on [baby’s] leg? Dry forehead? Rashy cheeks? Cracked nipples? Put Booty Salve on it!
— A. W., Aiken, SC
Mosquitoes LOVE me and my girls. This product absolutely is the best, hands down, for repelling them! And I love that I can use it on my 10 month old! Thank you! Also, very fast shipping!
— J.C., Winston, GA
I love this [BugOff Mist] spray! It’s all I use on my kids and I. We hike a lot and it never fails to keep the bugs away! Thanks so much!
— T.W., Dallas, GA
The eczema salve has made a huge difference in redness and scabs. And it’s even helping with the itching.
— H.M., Canton, GA
Chesty Salve is amazing! I use it on the girls all the time, but tonight I was coughing so much I felt like I couldn’t breathe! I remembered I had this and just calmed my coughs! Thank you!!!
— E.F., Marietta, GA

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