Perspective: Fresh Take on Reality


Today was an interesting day....nothing went according to plan. You know how the Universe sometimes does its own thing. 

My husband came home a smidge later than expected to switch over the childcare, which made me 15ish minutes late getting to my meeting. Then after the meeting, my car’s “Check engine” light came on. I tended to that ASAP on the opposite side of town and walked several times between the car parts & car repair shop for almost 3 miles in sandals. The whole ordeal lasted 4 hours. And I finally walked into the front door at 7 PM. So I could have easily dwelled on just those details. 

However, these are the details that I’m choosing to highlight. I have a wonderful meeting with a couple of amazing women whose voices matter. I connected with these mamas because sometimes we don’t talk about the hard stuff of motherhood. I drank yummy Mexican Mocha Latte at a wonderful women-owned Moonbird Coffee. Even though, the car trouble wasn’t convenient; I have friends who pick up the phone when I call to offer help, advice, and a ride. I walked almost 3 miles and I’m counting that as exercise, especially in the blazing sun. I also got to see a dear friend unexpectedly and have dinner together. So you know what?! Today was a good day!

So much of our daily life comes down to perspective! We sometimes forget that we have the power to choose how we look at a situation. Since working on my Beautycounter side of the business, I have felt more confident and empowered to lean into a whole different part of me that has been under the surface. Furthermore, it has permeated all aspects of my life. I chose “fearless” as my word of the year and I have been working on that. Sometimes I’ve had to be reminded if I’m holding back out of fear or uncertainty, and those have been moments that I’ve stepped into shattering that belief and pushed through the vulnerability and it paid off, every time. 

I’m here to tell you....That things can be as good or as bad as we choose to believe. That we can face fear and do hard things with love & support around us. That we are made of the tough stuff and don’t break as easily. That tomorrow is another day to embrace your potential and reach for more of what makes your heart happy. I believe in you and you should believe in you, too. 

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.

—Marcel Proust

Which do you choose: glass half-full or half-empty?! Do you want to shift your perspective? Tell me….how you combat unexpected turns of events?!

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